Dynamics 365 Trade Agreement Find Next

7 Aralık 2020

One thing that Dynamics 365 users/solution analysts have forgotten quite often, is that the decimal configuration on the unit of measurement will have an impact on the trading agreement. If you have to set up prices/discounts for a partial unit of a product (half a roll, a quarter drop, etc.), you cannot do so if the unit of measurement is configured with a decimal position of 0. This article is very specific and deals with a box to coerc that, for some of us, seems mysterious, looking for the option Continue. If you want to get into the trade agreement further, you`ll find some content for you here. This works for Ax 2012 and D365FO. This blog won`t go into the real price/discount log feature, it`s just meant to indicate a few things to watch out for before being used – things this author has learned in the hardest way! Stay online for another blog post that will soon come on tips and tricks for using the commercial magazines themselves. I wanted to study the use of retail prices for orders, but I also had an obligation to respect the “look for the next” option. More in the hope that in waiting, I recorded the behavior I had seen with Microsoft support. I was quite expecting to be told that this is the operation of the retail price machine, so when I learned that this error had been corrected, I was stunned! The behavior I described (retail prices for AX commands ignore the T/A `Find next` box setting) was an error and was corrected by Microsoft: I thought I was on pretty strong ground when it came to this behavior….. And then I activated the call center functionality and put retail pricing into play. Although AX always refers to the selling prices of commercial agreements, it seems that the behavior, if “Find next” is not checked (which I described above), is ignored: retail orders always find the “best” price that the customer could receive – as if “Find next” was checked on all lines of commercial transactions.

Here, on this retail order, the default price 10.00, although no changes have been made to the implementation of trade agreements: There are indeed several variables: the type of commercial agreement newspaperline (price, discount), the level of the commercial agreement newspaperline (all, group, table), and whether the option Continue the research is checked or not. First thing that is not explained in the official definition, it is the behavior is not the same if you are on a price or a discount (multi-line or line) trade agreement of the book line.-line. Very informative! This is timely when we are working on commercial agreements for a customer. We`re going to play with the “Keep looking” option to make it work. Thank you! If the next Search option is enabled, the system accumulates all discounts, regardless of the amount of existing trading positions.