Fiji Landlord Tenant Agreement

9 Aralık 2020

“Sometimes if the owner hasn`t given 30 days of eviction notice, what they do is separate the electricity and water services. It`s illegal.” He adds that once the lease is stamped, only students can claim the rent allowance. Both tenants and landlords raised issues with the FCCC. Tenants should ensure that they read the lease carefully before signing it, so that they understand all the terms of the lease. If there is something they do not understand or are unsure, they should seek advice before signing the agreement. “Many landlords cooperated and agreed to reduce the rent by 50%.” Partner Kya Lal said they have received a considerable response from tenants facing rental problems with their landlords. Tenants could get into trouble if they lie to landlords that they are affected by the economic benefits of COVID-19, according to the Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC). “We want them to contact us and we willingly accept their business by contacting their owners, contacting their owners in writing to try to stop the procedure, or ensuring that they are not evacuated during this period. There are a lot of cases. The FCCC says that landlords and tenants have a contract, and if tenants are not able to pay the rent, then they should engage in social dialogue to get a new agreement. This week, the Commission is addressing some very relevant issues concerning tenants, leases and related laws. Eviction of tenants is only legal if the High Court presents a formal opinion, said Joel Abraham, Chief Executive Officer of the Competition and Consumer Commission of Fiji (FCCC). Tenants are encouraged to speak and negotiate with landlords.

FrCS CEO Visvanath That said all students who are under TELS and who rent should have entered into a lease. The owner`s control over his property, measured on a five-point valuation scale: Kumar says that families have their own leases and will not be at the mercy of dodgy landlords. That said, the agreement should be certified by a justice of the peace or a commissioner of the Agency before he or she sends it to the FRCS for stamp duty. Kameli Batiweti, CEO of the Fiji Commerce – Employers Federation, proposed that tenants provide proof of their employment status when applying for rental leave. “It must be very clear that no landlord should use this time to evict tenants illegally. The law is very clear, for forced evictions, a court order is needed,” Abraham said. Council Chief Executive Seema Shandil says that the subjects that were brought to their attention in this category were landlords who, despite several requests, do not issue rental income to tenants. “Some of the owners and tenants who attended the meeting came from TISI Sangam, Amrit Arcade, Takia Mall, RB Patel, CJ Group and other mini-operators,” he says.

He asked landlords to negotiate pleasant terms with their tenants and to solve these problems and avoid future problems.