Manufacturing Agreement Plc

12 Aralık 2020

“With our production capacity and capabilities recently improved, we look forward to continuing to help our customers develop their transportation ecosystem in the years to come. Parties: LONGVIEW ACQUISITION CORP. | 94 Moo 1 Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Banlane, Bang Pa BENCHMARK ELECTRONICS, INC. BUTTERFLY NETWORK, INC. BUTTERFLY NETWORKS, INC. VP, Legal Asst Corp Document Date: 27.11.2020 “This is a very important business milestone for Trackwise. Our customer is at the forefront of the deployment of sustainable technologies and trackwise`s choice to power its vehicles on a large scale is a fantastic confirmation of our technology. Parties: EARGO, INC. Eargo, Inc. Hana Microelectronics Co, Ltd. Hana Microelectronics Public Co, Ltd.

Inventory management Northern Region Industrial Estate Document Date: 25.09.2020 “At the same time, the number of opportunities for IHT to use elsewhere in the electric vehicle industry and in our other target markets continues to grow at a healthy pace. We look forward to updating shareholders in due course, with further progress. The agreement covers the provision of Trackwise`s flexible IHT circuit boards for use in the vehicle`s high and low voltage circuits in the vehicle`s battery modules and battery packs. The use of IHT not only reduces the number of parts and assembly time, which leads to greater efficiency during construction processes. It also saves space and weight in the final product, saving the environment by reducing emissions. As part of its growth strategy, Trackwise will continue to look for ways to deepen and deepen this relationship. It will also work to build the IHT opportunities pipeline elsewhere in the electric vehicle sector and in areas where demand for lighter, smaller and more functional connections, such as medical and civil aviation, is increasing.